I Saw The Devil... And I Fucked Her! (BRAZZERS)

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Upload Date: 10/01/2017 , Duration: 26:47

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Danny and his girl are about to perform their rendition of the horizontal mambo when he's suddenly overcome by a case of performance anxiety. Thankfully a noise coming from downstairs gives Danny an excuse to bail and collect his wits as he investigates. To Danny's surprise, the source of the noise is a delectable pair of lips, legs, tits and ass by the name of Capri a.k.a. The Devil. She offers him the gift of a monster cock in exchange for his soul. Danny is initially hesitant but eventually agrees. When he returns to the boudoir to fuck his lady, he's shocked to discover Capri instead, though not shocked enough that he can't fuck her brains out with his new found manhood.



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